On-the-spot Tteokbokki/ 즉석 떡볶이

The ultimate Korean dish that combines everything we love into one. Cook up this surprising dukboki dish filled with rice cakes, fish cakes, jjolmyeon noodles, sausages and more. Finish with spicy fried rice and see if you and your family can scrape the pot clean!

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K eats “Busan” Fish Cake(Bar)



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5 Person
Daesang Chongga Days Rice Cake(Thin Stick) 1KG
1⅓ lb (rinsed)
K eats "Busan" Fish Cake(Bar)
250 g (cut into 1” wide strips)
White Cabbage
235 g (sliced)
250 g (sliced)
75 g (sliced)
40 g (sliced)
CP Frz/Chewing Noodle W/Chilli Sauce 600G
200 g
CJ Bibigo Vegan Korean Style BBQ Gyoza 300G
2 (hard-boiled)
O Snack Fish Sausage 350G
2 (thinly sliced, as garnish)
5 Person
¾ cup
Jayeonae Red Pepper Powder(Fine) 454G
½ cup
Red Pepper Flakes
⅓ cup
Gochugaru (Red Pepper Flakes)
2½ cups
SEMPIO Soy Sauce(Jin Gold F3) 500ML
⅓ cup
5 Person
3 cups
Shiitake Mushrooms
3 g (dried)
Dried Anchovies
25 g (dried)
1 (dried, 1x2 in)
Big Green Onion
20 g
5 Person
CJ Bibigo Cooked White Rice 210G
Mozzarella Cheese
70 g

Recipe Instructions

  • Serves: 5 | Total Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Step 1

Boil shiitake mushrooms, dashi anchovies, dried kelp, and green onions in water for 15 minutes on high heat to make a stock.

Step 2

Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix all the sauce ingredients and set aside.

Step 3

In a wide pot, cover the bottom with onions and cabbage. Then, place the rice cakes, fish cakes, carrots, sausages, hard-boiled eggs and dumplings on top. Pour 3 cups of stock from step 1 and 2½ cups of sauce from step 2 and boil together for 2 minutes.

Step 4

Cut dumplings in half to add umami into the dukboki sauce and add jjolmyeon noodles(Chewing Noodles) on top. Add more sauce if needed. Garnish with thinly sliced green onions and enjoy with loved ones.

Step 5

When finished with the dukboki, turn on the heat to medium-low and add the cooked white rice and mix thoroughly with the sauce. Add dried seaweed, mix again and flatten. Wait for 2 minutes then add cheese on top. Close the pot with a lid and cook for another 3 more minutes on low heat to melt the cheese.

Step 6

Enjoy Korea’s favorite after-meal snack and pair with some icy cold drinks!

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